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Two Great Carpet Cleaning Specials in Southampton, PA

Have you ever tried cleaning your carpets yourself? Pretty big job, isn’t it? It’s a hassle to go rent the machine, squeeze it into your vehicle, and haul it home, then back again when you are done.

The saddest thing about this Do It Yourself approach is that the average carpet cleaning machine only really cleans the dirt off the surface of your carpeting. The dirtiest part of your carpets, however, is deep down in the carpet fibers, where dirt, dust mites, bacteria, pollen and mold spores settle.

When you vacuum your carpeting or clean it with a regular carpet cleaner, you never even disturb the huge amount of debris that is down in your carpets. So when you’re done, although they may look a bit better on the surface, the fact of the matter is that you still have dirty carpets that can cause breathing problems and allergies for the members of your family.

To really address these issues, why not call OxiGreen in Southampton, PA to do a really thorough professional carpet cleaning for you?

At OxiGreen, our skilled technicians are equipped with top of the line, truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines that blast hot water deep into your carpets. This disrupts the debris lodged there. When we suction out the water, about 98% of it, we will suction out the vast majority of these pollutants as well.

OxiGreen in Southampton, PA has two great package deals available for you to take advantage of. We have a 5 room plus 1 hallway special for only $191, and a 2 room plus 1 hallway special for only $99! We will pre-treat stains and pre-condition your carpets, move lightweight furniture, and give your carpets that deep cleaning they really need.

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