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Two Awesome Carpet Cleaning Specials in Levittown, PA

Did you know that the IICRC, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Repair and Certification has guidelines on how frequently you should clean your carpeting? As the agency that trains professional carpet cleaning technicians and monitors them all over the United States, they have the inside scoop on keeping carpets clean.

According to the IICRC, anyone with indoor carpeting should plan to have it cleaned a minimum of once a year. Families that include a smoker, small children or a pet should have their carpeting cleaning two times each year. Households with large families, multiple pets or more than one smoker should really have their carpets cleaned four times a year.

That is a lot of work to do by yourself! Not only that, but sadly the typical carpet cleaning machine you would use will clean only the surface of your carpeting. They may look better, but the pollen, mold spores, dirt, dust mites and other debris that has settled deep in your carpet’s fibers will go completely undisturbed. These pollutants can continue to surface, affecting the air quality in your home and potentially causing breathing problems and allergies, especially for small children, the elderly and even your pets.

That’s why OxiGreen Carpet Cleaning and Repair in Levittown, PA offers two great money saving carpet cleaning specials! We want to make it affordable for you to have your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

If you have just a few carpeted rooms in your home, apartment or condo, our $99 two room plus one hallway special will be perfect for you. If you have a larger home with more carpeted rooms, you will love our $191 five room plus one hallway special.

OxiGreen’s carpet cleaning specialists will do a visual inspection and pretreat stains. We will move lightweight furniture, precondition your carpets and thoroughly clean them with 100% green, biodegradable cleaning agents. And our 100% satisfaction guarantee will give you the peace of mind that we stand behind our services 100%!

Give OxiGreen in Levittown, PA a call at 215-269-3331 today for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment.

With same day appointments available, we are ready and waiting to provide you with a great, professional, deep carpet cleaning. Call us today!

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