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Removing Pet Stains on Your Carpet in Warminster, PA

It is estimated that 67 million households inside of the United States own domestic pets. It certainly is not surprising to learn a big number these households have to deal with pet stains on carpeting at one time or another. Mishaps are part and parcel of owning pets.

Hopefully the suggestions in this short article provided by OxiGreen in Warminster, PA will help you avoid making a mistake when trying to eliminate stained areas in your carpet:

•          Expediency is critical. A quick reaction may save you extra work. Acting quickly will increase your odds of getting the stain out by 75%.

•          Since high temperature sets most blemishes, be careful to never use an iron or use hot-air to dry the problem area until you're certain that the stained areas is totally gone.

•          Before you start to do anything, remember to remove fluid spots by blotting or solid spots by scraping them off of the carpet.

•          Liquid stains can usually be eliminated with a wet/dry vac when you have access to one.

•          Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you don't do something that may wind up spreading the stained area.

•          Chemical spot removers are typically chosen but I have got to alert you ... check it initially in a concealed region like a closet. This extra measure of cautiousness will help to make sure you don't end up harming the carpet or rug fiber or discoloring the carpet in a place that is easily seen. Because it's concealed, you can try a different spot removing substance until you discover exactly what will work.

•          Work at all times starting from the external borders toward the middle when using a spot removal chemical.

Warning, do not scrub or scour the carpet fiber using any type of hard bristled brush and don't grind the towel you are using into the place where the spot was either. Blot gently using pressure on the region where the stain had been.

•          When you do use a chemical based spot remover, be certain that you completely rinse the region with filtered water. Then make certain to dry the area as much as possible. When you are removing spots on upholstery or carpet, apply an absorbent pad or several towels to dry out the spot by weighing it down with books or some other heavy object. It's best to leave this in place during the night to aid the drying process.

•          If you wish to fluff the fibers, lightly brush the pile.

While some blemishes could be eliminated with this DIY method, once in a while the stain is beyond your ability to get out. We right here at OxiGreen in Warminster, PA reassure you that we have years of experience, the expertise, the right machines, and the training to eliminate the vast majority of carpet spots.

For prompt spot elimination call OxiGreen in Warminster, PA at 215-269-3331 in today! We can easily assist you with your carpet and upholstery spots and all of your other carpet cleaning, as well as with carpet stretching and expert carpet repairs.

Rely on us to get the job completed!

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