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Reasons to Choose a Green Carpet Cleaning Company in Morrisville, PA

If you are a person who cares about Mother Earth, you know all about the environmental hazards posed by toxic chemicals. In the past twenty years, even more, many people across the country and throughout the world have been seeking ways to grow food, drive cars and keep things clean without polluting the environment or contaminating our earth. Maintaining a healthy environment for future generations has become a great and valid concern.

At OxiGreen in Morrisville, PA, we are determined to do our part. As it says it right in our name, OxiGreen is a 100% green carpet cleaning company. We use no chemical solvents in the carpet cleaning process. We never use any chemicals that could damage the fibers in your carpets. Our process will not leave behind a bit of toxic residue to endanger the health and well-being of your family members.

Our carpet cleaning agents are derived from the tea tree. They are eco-friendly and biodegradable, which makes them 100% safe for the environment. Being green not only makes them safe for the environment, it makes them completely safe for your family as well. For those little ones and pets who love to play and rest on the floor, using green cleaning agents creates a much healthier environment. We are proud to be a pet and baby safe carpet cleaning company!

Besides the carpeting itself being “healthier”, the air quality in your home will be better too with green cleaning. Chemicals trapped in your carpeting do escape into the air, which can cause allergic reactions and breathing problems. Don’t take any chances with your family’s health: go green!

For an efficient and effective green carpet cleaning, call OxiGreen in Morrisville, PA at 215-269-3331. We will be happy to come to your home or business and do a free on-site carpet inspection and give you a free quote. We are here to clean green so you can breathe easy!



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