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Pet and Baby Safe Carpet Cleaning in Levittown, PA: Why Bother?

We all go to great lengths to keep our babies, small children and pets safe and healthy. There is no length to which we will not go to nurture and protect them. When they are sick, and even when they are not, we take them to medical professionals for immunizations, check-ups and treatment when needed. We are careful to choose nutritious food and to help them get plenty of fresh air and exercise. We would never leave our children or pets in an unsafe or unhealthy place, with unsafe or unhealthy people.

Did you know, however, that it is entirely possible that your own home is an unhealthy place for your children and pets, and even for you? How could that be?

Well, when you vacuum your carpets or clean them yourself, it is an unfortunate fact that most of the pollutants that have settled in your carpeting remain undisturbed. Dust, dust mites, mold spores, bacteria and other allergens come into your house through open doors and windows as well as on your shoes and clothing. They land on the carpeting and sift deep down in.

While this helps to filter them out of the air temporarily, it also creates a very dirty environment on which your small children and pets love to play and rest. They constantly breathe in minute particles of this debris, which can easily cause breathing problems and allergies.

Why not let OxiGreen in Levittown, PA show you what a professional carpet cleaning can do for your home and your health? We will use a very powerful hot water system with our truck-mounted machines to disrupt and remove those nasty pollutants from your rugs. We also use 100% “green” cleaning agents. There will be no toxic chemical residue left behind to endanger your loved ones.

Give OxiGreen in Levittown, PA a jingle or visit our website to obtain a free quote or schedule a professional, pet and baby safe carpet cleaning appointment. We may be reached at 215-269-3331 or

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