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Methods for the Removal of Carpet Stains in Langhorne, PA

Over 67 million households inside the US have family pets. With that many folks having pets, mishaps are part and parcel of having pets. Pet odors, pet stains, and other stains are common problems for these households.

The tricks in this post were written by OxiGreen Carpet Cleaning in Langhorne, PA to help you avoid an unfortunate mistake which could have been prevented should you attempt to remove stained areas on your carpet.

•          Take action immediately! New stains are easier to get out. Acting promptly will improve your likelihood of getting the stain out by 75%.

•          Since heat can set a spot, make sure the spot is entirely removed prior to making use of an iron or hair dryer to dry it out.

•          Before you start to do anything whatsoever, you'll want to remove fluid spots by blotting or solid spots by scraping them off of the carpet.

•          On larger liquid stains, use a wet/dry vac.  When you have one available to you.

•          Whatever you do, be sure that you don't do something which may wind up spreading the spot.

•          Chemical spot removers are normally implemented but I need to caution you ... try it first in an undetectable spot such as a closet. This extra measure of cautiousness should help to be sure you don't end up damaging the carpet or rug fibers or discoloring the carpet. Since it is concealed, you can attempt an additional spot removal chemical until you come across what's going to work.

•          Application of the spot removal solutions really should be done by working from the outer edge in.

Warning, do not scrub or scour your carpeting’s fibers using a stiff bristled brush, furthermore do not grind your towel into the place where the spot was either. Blot gently applying downward pressure on the region where the stain was.

•          Before applying chemicals to clean up the spot, be sure you rinse the region completely with filtered water. Once done, remember to dry the region as much as you possibly can. When you'll be removing spots on carpeting or upholstery, weigh an absorbent pad or layer of bath towels down with heavy books or some other heavy object. The longer you leave this in position the more moisture content you'll remove from the carpet.

•          In order to give more volume to the fibers, lightly brush the nap.

Some spots can be removed with the do it yourself approach but whenever you need to have professional help, simply call OxiGreen for help. OxiGreen in Langhorne, PA has extensive practical experience working with the most challenging problems you can possibly imagine. Our numerous years of professional experience make us competent to safely and effectively get out just about any stain.

For professional assistance with those tough carpet issues, give OxiGreen in Langhorne, PA a phone call today. We can be reached at 215-269-3331 or at our website at . We're here to assist you with all your carpet and upholstery cleaning projects.

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