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Instructions for Cleaning out Carpet or Rug Stains in Southampton, PA

Millions of households in the United States include pets.  With so many families owning household pets, it's actually not surprising to discover a lot of these households think of these furry creatures as family members. As with many member of the family, mishaps are part and parcel of having pets.

Hopefully the suggestions in this article form OxiGreen Carpet Cleaning in Southampton, PA can help you avoid inadvertently making a mistake when attempting to remove spots on your carpet:

•          Move quickly! New spots are simpler to get out. New spots acted on rapidly have 75% greater odds of getting the stains removed.

•          As heat sets many blemishes, take extra care to never make use of an iron or use hot-air to dry the problem area until you're sure that the stained area is completely gone.

•          Before you do anything, be certain that you eliminate fluid spots by blotting or solid spots by scraping them away from the carpet.

•          If the liquid spill is big and you've got access to a wet/dry vac, use that.

•          I cannot emphasize this enough: make sure you are extra careful to not do something may possibly spread out the spot.

•          For those of you who choose to take advantage of a chemical stain remover, be certain that you test it in a concealed area. Doing this first will ensure that you do not find yourself discoloring the carpet fiber or damaging your carpet. If you find that the spot remover is not compatible with your carpeting, since it is undetectable it's possible to try a completely different solution for removing the spot until you find one that works.

•          Putting on the spot removal products ought to be done by working from the outside in. A word of caution: don't scrub or scour the carpet fiber with a hard-bristled brush. Never grind the towel you are using into the place where the spot was either. Blot carefully by means of downward pressure on the spot where the stain had been.

•          Make sure that you rinse out any chemical spotters totally with water. Blot the region again until it's as dry as you're able to get it. Whether you're getting rid of spots on carpeting or upholstery, weigh an absorbent pad or layer of bath towels down with a heavy item. Leave the whole thing in position overnight. This will help to absorb any leftover moisture.

•          Brushing the pile of the carpet will fluff the carpet fibers.

Some spots can be removed using the do-it-yourself approach, but whenever you need professional assistance, call OxiGreen for help. OxiGreen in Southampton, PA has years of practical experience having to deal with the toughest stains you can imagine. Our years of experience make us competent to safely and effectively get out just about any spot.

For specialized help with those unsightly stains, give OxiGreen in Southampton, PA a call today. We can be reached at 215-269-3331 or at our website, . We'll be here to assist you with all your carpet and upholstery cleaning requests.


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