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How quickly can you expect to have dry carpets?


I am sure you have all experienced less than satisfying carpet cleaning and or cleaners. Our industry is rife with companies who can’t or won’t do a good job. Unfortunately it makes it harder for us who guarantee our results. Our best foot forward is how we do business at OxiGreen. I’m John Fitzpatrick, owner of OxiGreen and I want to ensure you have the best experience possible. We guarantee our work, striving to provide the absolute best in service.

I know in working with our commercial clients how important timing is. Delay a little bit or suffer some unnecessary delays and its possible your business will be impacted far worse that the cost of the cleaning. We understand your trepidations and ensure that we do everything possible to mitigate unforeseen events.

That’s why we offer a dry carpet within one hour. That is not a very long time and I know almost any business can accommodate one hour. I recommend calling us, getting a professional bid, check out our references, and then experience newly cleaned carpets working around your schedules. Really the time it takes to go have a coffee meeting is the time you can come back into the offices and have dry carpets.

Our acumen and service capabilities are about serving you the clients. Any commercial business in the following cities are greatly encouraged to call and test our waters.







Remember newly cleaned carpets, enhancing the look and feel of your business and ready for us in one hour. How can you say no? Believe me, every day we get a thank you for the work well done. Check us out at our web site as well. You won’t be disappointed with new cleaned carpets and the time it takes to make them look brand new

Call us at 215.269.3331 and we are ready to go to work for your.

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