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How Often do I Need to Clean my Carpets in Bensalem, PA?

Cleaning your wall to wall carpeting or area rugs is a very important part of keeping your house clean. While carpeting acts as a filter in some ways, trapping the dust, dirt, pollen, and other debris that gets tracked into your home, unfortunately these pollutants get stuck there, somewhat like the lint trap in your dryer.  While a lint trap is easily cleaned, however, removing the deep seated debris from your carpeting is not.

Unfortunately, most household vacuums and carpet cleaners are not powerful enough to reach the debris caught deep in your carpeting. When you vacuum, you may feel better and the surface of the carpet will look cleaner, but the pollutants stuck in the carpeting continue to affect the air quality and potentially the health of your family members.

Every homeowner should have their indoor carpeting cleaned at least once a year. This will be sufficient for people who live alone or with just one other person, who do not smoke and have no pets that go outdoors.

If you have smokers in your home, small children or a pet that tracks in dirt, you should have your carpets cleaned twice a year.

If you have a large family, multiple pets, or more than one smoker, you should really have your rugs and carpets cleaned quarterly, or four times a year.

In order to stay on a regular carpet cleaning schedule, you will need a reliable, affordable carpet cleaning company. We here at OxiGreen Carpet Cleaning in Bensalem, PA are confident that we are the ones for you.

OxiGreen has invested in state-of-the-art carpet cleaning machines that are effective and very efficient. We use only 100% “green” cleaners, and have a great 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Call OxiGreen in Bensalem, PA at 215-269-3331 today for an affordable, professional, “green” carpet cleaning. You will be glad you did!


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