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How Often Should I Clean my Carpeting in Warminster, PA

How often you should clean your carpeting in Warminster, PA depends upon a couple of things. Below are a series of questions you can answer to evaluate for yourself how often you should have your carpets cleaned.

Do you live alone?
Do you or anyone in your home smoke?
Do you have a large family?
Do you have a pet or multiple pets?
Do you have small children who crawl or play on the floor?

According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, the IICRC, everyone, no matter what their circumstances, should have their carpets cleaned a minimum of once per year. Dirt, pollen, and other debris is inevitably tracked into your home from the outside, and these potential allergens should be removed on a regular basis. Regular cleaning will not only keep your carpets looking better, it will also improve the air quality in your home.

If you have smokers, pets or small children, the IICRC recommends having your carpets cleaned twice per year. If you have a large family or multiple pets, the recommendation is that you have your carpets cleaned every quarter, or four times per year.

OxiGreen in Warminster has professional carpet cleaning technicians that have been certified by the IICRC. We use truck mounted, top of the line carpet cleaning machines and 100% green carpet cleaning agents. Our cleaning products are derived from the tea tree and are non-toxic and completely biodegradable.

Call OxiGreen in Warminster, PA today at 215-269-3331 to schedule a free in home carpet inspection. Our professionals will be happy to come out to your home, assess your situation, and provide a free estimate for you.

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