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How Frequently Should I Clean my Carpets in Southampton, PA?

Did you know that cleaning your carpets is one of the best things you can do to improve the air quality in your home? Your indoor carpeting acts as a filter, trapping pollens, dust, pet dander and many other allergy triggers that enter your home through open windows and on the soles of your shoes and clothing you wear outside? All of these unseen pollutants settle deep in the carpet fibers and get trapped there. Unfortunately, most carpet cleaners and vacuums do not provide enough suction to remove them, and dust mites become your next unwelcome guest.

Every homeowner should have their indoor carpeting cleaning once a year. Even if you live alone and are careful to remove you shoes indoors, your carpeting will still accumulate dirt and debris in the normal course of life.

Families with children, a pet, or a smoker should really have the carpeting cleaned two times a year to provide a healthy indoor environment for the whole family.

If your family is large or you have multiple pets of multiple smokers, the professional recommendation is that you have your carpet cleaned four times each year.

Can you do it yourself? Well, yes and no. Of course you can rent a machine and do it yourself, but as mentioned earlier, most carpet cleaning machines do not have the ability to reach the deepest dirt in your carpets. That’s a lot of time and hard work only to have the surface of your carpeting cleaned. Only a professional carpet cleaning company has the equipment to really do a deep cleaning.

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