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Eliminating Pet Spots in Your Carpet Or Rug in Bensalem, PA

Millions of households in the US have family pets.  With so many homes having family pets, accidents on carpeting are a fairly universal and common experience.

The suggestions in this blog post were created by OxiGreen Carpet Cleaning in Bensalem, PA to help you avoid making an unfortunate blunder when trying to remove stained areas in your carpet. We hope this will be of help to you.

•          Speed is critical. A quick reaction will save you additional work. Fresh stained areas acted on rapidly have a 75% greater likelihood of getting the stains removed. This is true of stains on upholstery as well.

•          Since high temperature sets most spots, be careful to never make use of an iron or use hot air to dry the impacted area until you're certain that the spot is totally gone.

•          Your first step ought to be to eliminate as much of the stained areas as possible by blotting up liquid accidents or scraping solid stains such as mud.

•          Fluid blemishes can often be eliminated with a wet/dry vac when you have access to one.

•          Whatever you do, don’t spread the spot.

•          Chemical based spot removers are often used of but we must warn you ... try it first in a concealed region like a closet. This extra measure of caution should help to make sure you don't end up harming the carpet fiber or discoloring the carpet. Because it's hidden, if it does discolor the carpeting, it won’t be in a noticeable area. Therefore, you can attempt another spot removal substance until you come across exactly what will work.

•          When you apply the spot removal product, work starting from the outward borders of the stain toward the center. A word of caution: blot the remaining cleaning solution out of your carpet, see to it that that you don't scrub or scour the carpeting using a stiff-bristled brush. The brush will cause damage to your carpeting.

•          When you do use a chemical-based spot remover, remember to thoroughly rinse the spot with water. Then be sure to dry the region as much as possible. Whether you're removing spots on carpeting or furniture, weigh a thick pad or layer of towels down with heavy books or some other type of heavy item. The more time you keep this in place the more moisture content you will take out of the carpet.

•          Brushing the nap of the carpet will fluff the carpet fibers.

Some blemishes can come out with the do it yourself technique but when you desire skilled professional help, contact OxiGreen for help. OxiGreen has a great many years of experience handling the most challenging stains imaginable. Our years of expertise make us certified to safely and effectively get out nearly every stain.

For professional help with quick stain elimination call OxiGreen at 215-269-3331 in Bensalem, PA today! We can help you with your carpet and upholstery spots and all of your other carpet cleaning requirements.

Rely on us to remove your spots and get the job done!

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