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Carpet or Rug Spot Removing Guidance in Southampton, PA

It's roughly estimated that 67 million homes within the US own domestic pets. Taking into consideration that so many households have domestic pets, mishaps involving pet stains and pet odors in carpeting will take place.

At OxiGreen in Southampton, PA, we certainly understand the frustration involved when pet stains mar the appearance of your carpeting. We hope the how-to's in this post might help you avoid inadvertently making a mistake when trying to remove stained areas on your carpet.

•          When attempting to eliminate a pet stain in your carpet, it's advisable to react as soon as possible while the spot is fresh. If you act rapidly, your probability of removing the stain increases by 75%.

•          Since high temperatures can set a stain, make sure the stain is completely removed prior to making use of an iron or hair dryer to dry it out.

•          NOTE: Remove as much of the stain that you can by blotting fluid blemishes and scraping up solid blemishes, such as mud.

•          If the wet spill is large and you have access to a wet/dry vac, use that.

•          Whatever you do, make sure that you do not do anything that might wind up spreading the spot.

•          Before using chemicals to eliminate spots, test a spot that is hidden in an area such as a closet prior to trying it on the stain in a noticeable area of the rug. This will make sure that if you experience any discoloration or damages to the carpet fibers, you are able to hide the mistake and try another spot-removal solution.

•          Anytime you apply the stain removal solution, work from the outside edges of the stain toward the center.

Warning: blot the remaining cleaning solution out of your carpet, be sure that you never scrub or scour your carpeting with a stiff-bristled brush. The brush will ruin the carpet fiber.

•          When you do use a chemical-based spot remover, you'll want to thoroughly rinse the spot with filtered water. Afterwards, make sure to dry the area as much as possible. When you are removing spots on upholstery or carpets, use an absorbent pad or a couple of towels to dry the area by weighing them down with a heavy object. It is wise to keep this in place all night to facilitate the drying out process.

•          Brush the nap to fluff the fibers when done to restore the plushness of the pile.

Even though some spots can be removed with this DIY approach, from time to time the spot is beyond your skill to get out. We here at OxiGreen in Southampton, PA assure you that we have many, many years of experience, the right commercial equipment, and the knowledge to remove difficult carpet spots.

For quick stain treatment call OxiGreen at 215-269-3331 in Southampton today! We can help you with your carpet and upholstery blemishes and all of your many other carpet cleaning requirements.

At OxiGreen in Southampton, PA we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of our residential and commercial customers. You can rely on us to get the job completed!

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