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Carpet and Rug Stain Removing Instructions in Southampton, PA

With about 65 million homes within the US having family pets, it only follows that pet stains on odors in carpeting are a fairly common and widespread problem. There is no doubt about it, accidents will occur.

When they do, OxiGreen Carpet Cleaning in Southampton, PA wants you to be prepared. The tips and tricks in this article were created to help you avoid creating a regrettable error when trying to remove pet stains and other stained areas in your carpet.

•          Move quickly! Fresh stains are simpler to get out. Acting quickly will increase your likelihood of getting the stain out by as much as 75%.

•          As heat sets many stains, take extra care to not make use of an iron or use hot-air to dry the impacted area until you're sure that the stain is completely gone.

•          Before you do anything, you'll want to remove liquid spots by blotting or solid spots by scraping them away from the carpet.

•          Liquid blemishes can usually be eliminated with a wet/dry vac when you have access to one.

•          We cannot stress this enough, you must take extra caution not to do anything may possibly spread the spot.

•          Chemical spot removers are commonly used but a word of caution... check it first in a hidden region such as a closet. This extra measure of extreme caution should help to make sure you don't end up damaging the carpeting fibers or discoloring the carpet. Because it's concealed, you can consider an alternative stain removing solution until you discover just what will work.

•          Once you apply the spot removing treatment, work starting from the outer border of the stain toward the middle.

Warning: blot the remaining cleaning solution out of your carpet, make certain that you don't scrub or scour your carpeting’s fiber using a stiff bristled brush. The brush will ruin the carpet.

•          Make certain that you rinse chemical spotters entirely with water. Blot the region over again until it's as dry as you can get it. It doesn't matter if you are removing spots on carpet or on furniture, press a heavy pad or layer of bath towels down with heavy books or any other heavy item. The longer you keep this in place the more moisture content you will take out of the carpet.

•          In order to fluff the fibers, brush the nap.

Some spots can be removed with the d-i-y approach but whenever you require professional help, call OxiGreen in Southampton, PA for help. OxiGreen has extensive experience dealing with the toughest spots you can imagine. Our years of professional carpet cleaning make us skilled to safely and effectively get out almost any stain.

For professional help with those spots, give OxiGreen a phone call today. We will be reached at 215-269-3331 or at our website at . We're here to relieve you of the burden of trying to handle your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs in Southampton, PA yourself. We can do the job for you!

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