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An Outstanding and Affordable $99 Carpet Cleaning Special in Bensalem, PA

While many people think that going to the local grocery or home supply store and renting a portable carpet cleaning machine will get the job done right, they are sorely mistaken. Usually, homeowners go this DIY route to save money. Well, here at OxiGreen in Bensalem, PA we would like to outline a few of the differences between a DIY carpet cleaning and a professional cleaning, and let you know about one of our great carpet cleaning specials!

Unfortunately, the average vacuum or carpet cleaner used by homeowners is woefully inadequate for the job. Most do not have enough suction to reach the dust, pollen, dirt, mold spores and other pollutants that are stuck way down in your carpet fibers. While the surface of your carpeting may look better after cleaning it yourself, there will still be an overwhelming amount of debris left in your carpets. This will be the perfect breeding ground for dust mites, and these and other potential allergens left behind will diminish the air quality in your home. This can easily affect the health of your family members, which you definitely want to avoid.

At OxiGreen, we have made it our mission to find the best carpet cleaning machines and the best cleaners and put them to use for you. Our top notch carpet cleaning equipment is truck mounted, making it powerfully effective. Our machines discharge extremely hot water into your carpeting, reaching that deep down debris. Then, we suction about 98% of the water out of the carpets, and along with it comes the great majority of those pollutants.

Why not give OxiGreen in Bensalem, PA a call at 215-269-3331 and find out what we can do for you? Ask about our great $99 special, which includes the cleaning of two rooms and one hallway!

Or check us out online at  We will do an amazingly affordable and deep carpet cleaning job for you!


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