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An Allergy Reducing Carpet Cleaning in Bensalem, PA

Whether you live in Bensalem, PA; Morrisville, PA or anywhere in the country for that matter, allergies can be a problem. Many people are allergic to different aspects of the environment, including dust, a wide variety of pollens, mold and even pet dander. Unfortunately, the carpeting in your home can readily contribute to these health problems. Here’s why.

When you enter you home, pollen, dirt and dust enter right along with you on your jacket and other clothing and on your shoes and boots. In warmer months, these particles also float in through open doors and windows. While they initially settle on the surface of your furniture and carpeting, the vast majority of them eventually settle deep in your carpet fibers.

The unfortunate thing about this is that, chances are, your household vacuum and most carpet cleaners you would use for a do it yourself job never reach this deep down debris. The machines you are using simply do not have enough suction to draw these pollutants out, and they remain there undisturbed, creating a perfect breeding ground for dust mites, yet another allergen. Also, if you use chemical-based solvents to clean your carpets, you introduce yet another potential allergen, toxic chemicals, which leave a residue on your rugs that could continue to affect your family’s health.

This is where OxiGreen in Bensalem, PA comes in. We employ very effective and powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment that shoots hot water deep into your carpeting. This dislodges the dirt and other debris trapped there. When we suction out 98% of the water used in the process, the vast majority of the dirt, pollens, and pet dander in your carpeting come out with it. Using only 100% biodegradable cleaning agents, OxiGreen will leave you with deeply clean, health conscious, amazingly fresh and beautiful looking rugs.

Call us OxiGreen in Bensalem, PA today at 215-269-3331 or visit our website, We would be happy to tell you more about our package specials and offer you a free quote.

Let OxiGreen in Bensalem, PA give you’re a great, professional allergy reducing carpet cleaning. You can breathe easy with OxiGreen!

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