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A Great 5 Room Carpet Cleaning Special in Southampton, PA

If you are looking for a great carpet cleaning special in Southampton, PA, well you have just found yourself one steal of a deal!

OxiGreen in Southampton, PA has a couple of package deals for you to choose from, and we are confident that our 5 room plus one hallway special is one that you will appreciate being able to take advantage of!

This special includes five rooms of carpet cleaning plus one hallway. We will move lightweight furniture for you and pre-treat problem areas. Our skilled technicians  will pre-condition the carpets and clean them thoroughly using our 100% “green” cleaning agents, which are biodegradable non-toxic, and completely safe for your family and for the environment.

OxiGreen’s state of the art, truck mounted carpet cleaning machines will couple these green cleaners with a powerfully effective hot water cleaning system. Our system will remove dirt, pollens, dust mite, mold spores and many other hidden pollutants from your carpeting, debris that unfortunately is completely missed by most household vacuums and carpet cleaners.

With this modern equipment, OxiGreen is able to thoroughly clean your carpets and extract 98% of the water to leave you with clean, fast-drying and fresh carpets!

Give OxiGreen in Southampton, PA a call today at 215-269-3331 or visit our website, . If you call, you will be able to speak to one of our friendly and helpful customer service reps who can answer any question you might have, offer you a quote that is completely free, and let you know about our other services, including carpet stretching, expert carpet repair, and tile and grout cleaning.

With our 100% green cleaning agents, our powerful machines, and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you will be happy you gave us a call!

Take advantage of our 5 room carpet cleaning special! Call us today.

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