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A Couple of Great Money Saving Carpet Cleaning Specials in Langhorne, PA

At OxiGreen in Langhorne, PA, we have built our reputation around providing outstanding, affordable, professional carpet cleaning to homeowners and business owners in the area. We highly value our customers and always strive for their satisfaction, which has earned us a superior rating from our local Better Business Bureau.

Since regular carpet cleaning is an important part of keeping the inside of your home clean, it should be done on a regular basis:

Once a year at least
Twice a year if you have children, a pet or a smoker in the home
Four times a year if you have multiple pets or smokers

Lots of times homeowners resort to a DIY carpet cleaning method which, while better than nothing, really does not thoroughly clean your carpets. Most household vacuums and rental carpet cleaning machines simply are not powerful enough to reach all the dirt, bacteria, pollen, pet dander and other allergens that settle deep in the carpet’s fibers. So while a DIY method may leave the surface of your carpet looking cleaner, there is still a significant amount of debris trapped there that will affect the air quality in your home and can cause breathing problems for your family.

That’s why OxiGreen in Langhorne, PA wants to make professional carpet cleaning affordable for you. We have put together two very popular money saving specials, which we think you will appreciate.

Our $99 special is for smaller homes or apartments, and we will clean two rooms and one hallway for you. Our $191 special will have our professionals cleaning five carpeted rooms and one hallway in your home.

To get the details on these specials, please call OxiGreen at 215-269-3331 or visit us at  We will be happy to do a free in home carpet inspection, offer you a free quote, or schedule an appointment for you.

To take advantage of either of those two great money saving specials, contact OxiGreen in Langhorne, PA today. We are here to help you get the job done right at a price you can afford!

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