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A Couple of Great Carpet Cleaning Specials in Morrisville, PA

Did you know that the IICRC, an agency that trains carpet cleaners throughout the United States, recommends that you have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year? Large families, even small families with children, pets or smokers should actually get them cleaned even more often than that. In order to stay on a regular carpet cleaning schedule, it would really help to be able to find a discounted carpet cleaning package, wouldn’t it?

At OxiGreen in Morrisville, PA we are happy to be able to say that we have two really great carpet cleaning specials available to all of our residential customers….that means you!

If you live in a home with predominately laminate or hardwood floors, live in a condo or a rather small apartment, our $99 two room plus one hallway special may be the one for you!

If you have more carpeted rooms, perhaps our $191 five room plus one hallway special will work better for your living space.

With either package, our IICRC certified carpet cleaning technicians will arrive at your home with our top notch, truck mounted carpet cleaning machines. We will use only 100% “green” cleaning agents, which are non-toxic and biodegradable, completely and totally safe for your family’s indoor environment and also for the environment outside.

They will do a visual inspection, move lightweight furniture, pre-treat stains and problem areas, precondition and clean your carpets for you. When we are done, we will vacuum and make sure you are happy with the clean and fresh look and feel of your carpets.

Why not give OxiGreen in Morrisville, PA a jingle today and let us show you what we can do for you? Our number is 215-269-3331 or you can contact us via our website at

We are here to offer you a free quote, schedule a carpet cleaning appointment, or answer any questions you may have about our company and services.

Let OxiGreen in Morrisville, PA show you what a professional carpet cleaning company will do for you!

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